Quantum Retail Presents Enhanced Customer Driven Q Merchandise Optimization Solutions at RetailConnections Summit

RetailConnections Summit, Miami, Florida and Minneapolis, Minnesota – March 4, 2014 – Quantum Retail Technology™ Inc., the industry’s premier innovator of retail-focused merchandise software solutions today presented its Q Merchandise Optimization Solutions at the RetailConnections 2014 Business Executive Summit. Quantum will be showcasing enhanced versions of its Allocation and Replenishment Solution throughout the event which is taking place at the Trump International Beach Resort in Miami, Florida.

“Quantum Retail solutions are the gold standard for retailers that want a way to predict their product demand and then leverage that understanding  to make more profitable decisions,” said Scott Aubitz, CMO and Vice President of Product Strategy for Quantum Retail. “Top tier retailers recognize the potential of combining consumer demand with targeted action to be transformational for their business. RetailConnections represents an ideal opportunity for the Quantum team to talk with retailers about their challenges and how we are uniquely able to help solve them.”

“The Quantum product suite delivers both a comprehensive and granular prediction of the retailer’s product demand allowing them to maximize their inventory investment by store and across the entire estate,” added Bill Mahoney, Product Manager for the Q Product Suite. “The result is an increase in full price sales and an accurate prediction of demand, which has become critical in today’s Omnichannel environments.”

Quantum’s solutions are unique in their ability to deliver the highest value from a retailer’s inventory on a daily basis leading to higher profitability and faster responsiveness for merchants operating in increasingly complex environments.

About Q

As consumer demand has becomes less predictable and as buying patterns and channels become more complicated many of the world’s most successful retailers utilize Q to provide answers to meeting their toughest marketplace challenges and better meeting their overall business objectives. Q combines deep retail and merchandising intelligence with a dynamic technology engine that adapts to a retailer’s needs and makes changes based on their requirements and how their customers are behaving. The Q system continuously learns and dynamically analyzes and responds to changes in demand for every product and store location to maximize value for retailers of all types. The Q system is adaptable within the retailer’s existing environment and works in conjunction with many of today’s supply chain and merchandising platforms including Oracle, SAP, and JDA.

About Quantum Retail Technology, Inc.

Quantum offers the retail industry’s premier solutions for understanding product demand based on consumer behavior and turning that understanding into actionable results.  Quantum Retail’s  Allocation, Replenishment and Order Planning solutions increase profitability by helping merchant’s to be more responsive and by supporting their Multichannel and International objectives easily and accurately.  Many of the world’s top retailers are already Quantum clients. Quantum is privately held and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information on Quantum Retail Technology, please visit our website at http://www.quantumretail.com.

Quantum Retail and Q are registered trademarks of Quantum Retail Technology, Inc. All other trademarks are owned by their respective companies.

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