Q for Allocation and Replenishment

Accountable for managing the unique challenges of an increasingly chaotic  marketplace, today’s retailers are turning to powerful new solutions to effectively manage increasing merchandising and supply chain complexity. And, increasingly, many of the world’s most successful retailers are turning to Q for Allocation and Replenishment.

Q for Allocation and Replenishment give retailers the ability to optimize inventory and make smarter merchandising decisions by providing insights into consumer demand for each SKU in every store. This results in less excess inventory, more full-priced sales and better store service levels.

With Q, retailers have the ability to respond to market forces immediately through its powerful ability to predict the buying patterns of consumers. This future view is a powerful ally to help retailers more efficiently and effectively run their business.

Tapping into your merchandises’ strengths and weaknesses, Q for Allocation and Replenishment helps you redefine your inventory needs, rethink your strategies and evolve your supply chain optimally for today’s consumer-demand-based marketplace.

Quantum offers the ability to dynamically respond to changes in consumer demand coupled with the flexibility of an exceptions-based framework. This gives retailers the insights needed to make significant financial and operational improvements.

With Q’s unsurpassed retail science and analytic engine on your side you’ll achieve unsurpassed performance while reducing your team’s need to focus on an array of task-based activities. What’s more, Quantum continuously learns and adapts, meaning the system will continue to perform better and better over time.

Finally, Quantum’s solutions were designed to be deployed within any existing client environment making it the best choice for retailers with legacy systems who are grappling with the complexities of today’s’ rapidly evolving retail environments. In short, Quantum’s unsurpassed adaptability means we can deliver optimal inventory placement and retail merchandise optimization within the confines of existing infrastructure. Quantum will help you to maximize your existing legacy systems and processes faster than you thought imaginable.

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