Q for Order Planning:

Today’s high stakes retail environments are requiring retailers to approach their businesses with new,  more effective solutions to longstanding processes. For many of the most successful retailers, that solution is Q for Order Planning.  

Q for Order Planning amps up traditional methods of retail order planning by giving merchants an unprecedented understanding of future consumer behavior and provides the ability to act on those insights at the earliest point in the supply chain. By leveraging this powerful, yet easy-to-use solution, Quantum’s retailers are driving maximized future sales while optimally utilizing their supply chain.

Imagine how accurate predictions of customer behavior will transform your business. Q for Order Planning’s granular views to future store level performance enables truly integrated omnichannel strategies. Quantum’s clients have the clarity to ensure they are strategically leveraging each piece of inventory most optimally to meet the expectations of their customers while maximizing their overall business objectives and financial returns.

Quantum’s Q  solutions are the choice of retailers who understand the need to dynamically respond to rapidly changing demand. In addition, Q’s ability to continuously learn ensures that customers will continue to find the items that they need when and where they want them. Quantum’s analytic driven approach allows Q for Order Planning to automatically determine and execute ongoing ordering decisions based on the latest demand signals of customer preference.

Quantum will empower you to:

– Automate localized decision making with advanced analytics and respond to market forces immediately.

-Drive conversion and turn through improved service levels optimize inventory by leveraging insights

– Automatically adjusts forecasts when demand differs from the forecasts

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