Scientific accuracy, strategic intelligence

Forecasting your Inventory shouldn’t be a guessing game

Take the guesswork out of retail forecasting with Q for Order Planning. Q distills the dynamic landscape of consumer demand into predictive insights that become smart, automated merchandising decisions that support your business goals. Q for Order Planning transforms the complex and imperfect process of writing purchase orders based on buyer predictions into orders based on automated, data-driven recommendations for quantity and timing that anticipates product performance, demand, turnover, and profitability. With Q for Order Planning, you will:

  • // Utilize advanced demand analytics and automated, localized decision-making capability to anticipate future demand and improve your order planning process with unparalleled insights.
  • // Implement intelligent, time-phased order quantity recommendations designed to maximize inventory turnover and profitability.
  • // Capitalize on data-driven sales forecasting that identifies where you can optimize sales of existing inventory and where sales may be limited by product availability somewhere in your supply chain.
  • // Customize inventory insights from micro- to macro-level views so that you can access the information you most need when you need it.
  • // Employ Q’s user-friendly interface to simplify proactive retail promotion planning with the capability to build or taper stock according to the promotion cycle timeline.