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Q for Allocation and Replenishment is a results-driven inventory forecasting solution used by many of the world’s largest retailers to access powerful consumer demand insights they use to optimize their inventory for maximum performance and profitability. The Q platform automatically adapts to shifting demand patterns and makes strategic allocation adjustments that places your products where they will earn the greatest return. Q’s unparalleled intelligence ensures that your strategies respond intuitively to the demands of your client base. With Q for Allocation and Replenishment, you will:

  • // Optimize your supply chain by automating replenishment decisions according to Q’s accurate demand forecasts and responsive analyses of market trends.
  • // Utilize Q’s data-driven insights to develop sound financial plans and internal strategy, communicate effectively with vendors, and satisfy your customers.
  • // Trust that your inventory will always be allocated where it will generate the most profit based on Q’s localized, demand-driven distribution mapping.
  • // Gain visibility into your business with predictive analytics that account for lifecycles, seasonality, promotions, and ongoing product performance data to optimize allocation and distribution recommendations.
  • // Maximize the profitability of new product lines as soon as they enter your supply chain network thanks to Q’s ability to perform intelligent allocation assessments even for merchandise with no sales history.


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