New Look Makes Fast Fashion Even Faster [Apparel Magazine]

New Look relies on Quantum Retail’s Q platform for allocation and replenishmentStarting from a single store in 1969, the British firm New Look has become a $2.5 billion retail powerhouse specializing in
fast fashion. With nearly 600 stores in the UK (about half its total store count), the company is the No. 1 value retailer for under-35 women’s clothing and accessories in that country
and holds leading positions in other categories. It operates internationally in 23 countries and is expanding rapidly into China, Poland, Russia and Germany.

In terms of getting the right merchandise to the right stores at the right time, New Look is leading the trend. For seven years, the company has used Quantum Retail’s Q platform for allocation and replenishment, and over that period it has continued to find new ways to use Q to boost its profits.

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