Specialty Merchandise

Featured client //Specialty Merchandise Demand Planning and Forecasting  Guitar Center

“We observed consistently better forecasting, month after month, coming out of the Q application.”

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Specialty merchandise requires advanced intelligence

Unpredictable selling patterns, wide price range and varying customer preference make the planning process for specialty retailers extremely difficult, yet even more important.

When no two stores are alike //

When the types of customers you deal with vary widely across demographic and geographical regions it makes it guess work for planners and forecasters because no two stores are alike. And if you are a national or global retailer, this kind of planning needs science that is flexible enough to allow for the extreme art of inventory management. Add 7,000 SKUs and a wide variety of customer preference and you are managing more data than you can manage.

Complex detail, but simplied processes //

Q works extremely well for retailers whose selling patterns differ from store to store. This kind of challenge requires a system with the intelligence to manage categories and SKUs at a micro level, but yet simplifies the forecasting and allocation processes.

Detailed demand planning and accurate long-range forecasting //

No other solution out there can execute the twin roles of demand planning and long-range forecasting at as detailed a level and as accurately as Quantum Retail’s Q system. Q does the math for you, rigorously analyzes product behaviors in 35 different dimensions, accurately makes decisions and brings together all aspects of planning, forecasting, replenishment and allocation in one holistic solution.

Smart technology for the most accurate results //

The smart system learns from past performance metrics, sharing a common pool of knowledge across all Q modules – so it has the ability to understand how a product behaves, why a product behaves that way and how a product is likely to behave in the future in order to make the most accurate and strategic recommendations for every SKU at every store.

Consistently better forecasting, month after month //

As Q learns why products behave the way they do, when customers make certain types of purchases, what items perform similarly, what products perform most successfully and what products bring a category down – it will create consistently better forecasting, month after month – for specialty retailers, Q is the answer you’ve been looking for.

LISTEN»Irene Messier, Vice President of Planning and Allocation at Guitar Center talks frankly about how Q has helped Guitar Center achieve its goals for growing the company and expanding national market share.