The Q platform is a revolutionary new approach to the challenges of 21st century retail.


The market is asking new questions. You need new answers.

Retail merchandising

Today’s retail market is constantly changing and is becoming increasingly complex. Consumers are less predictable than ever and buying patterns are shifting at exponential rates leaving retailers to ask some very difficult questions that their existing processes and tools cannot answer. It takes the correct mix of science, retail intelligence and merchandising art to understand the new retail landscape. In order for retailers to adapt, they need to respond to demand and behavior at a local level.

A competitive advantage for today’s rapidly changing market //

Quantum Retail created a dynamic engine called Q. The Q platform adapts to a retailer’s needs; it allows changes based not only on a retailer’s requirements, but how their customers are behaving in the marketplace. Through a deep understanding of merchandise roles and goals, Q helps users determine the most profitable strategies for every product at every location driving unprecedented value for retailers of all types. Q optimizes and automates retail processes related to localized forecasting and order planning, allocation and replenishment, and assortment and range planning.

CONSUMER-DRIVEN: Q addresses the rapidly shifting patterns of today’s sophisticated consumer by translating demand insight into increased market share.

Q provides a competitive advantage by understanding the evolving nuances of retail channels and platforms as well as giving transparency to inventory and profitability at the product and SKU level.

HYPER-RESPONSIVE: Q allowing retailers to continuously keep pace with market shifts, competitive pressures, and emerging threats while maintaining alliance of strategic goals.

PROFIT SEEKING: Q is proven to unlock unprecedented value for retailers contributing at least a 2% sales lift, 5% inventory reduction and 3% margin contribution in only a few months.

EFFICIENT: Q helps retailers do more with less eliminating the repetitive and redundant work often experienced by translating data into actionable knowledge and automatically aligning execution to strategic goals.

OMNICHANNEL ENABLED: Q understands the difference between all channels in the supply chain at a localized level. It serves each channel with the appropriate inventory rather than treating them as the same.

Strategic merchandising //

Q is so effective because of our approach to merchandising. We require users to assign roles and goals to each product in a merchandising mix. A product is in a retailer’s assortment for a reason and so we help determine the most profitable strategy for every product at every store. Once entered into Q, it will continuously monitor and learn from customer behavior over time. Q automatically reacts and executes on product roles and goals to ensure that availability is maintained according to the guidelines set for your product objectives.

Users are not asked to choose the correct algorithm or do the math to meet these objectives, the system does that for you—weighing out the proper execution based on the product strategy, forecast and current demand.

Constant learning //

Unlike other solutions, the intelligence of Q consistently improves as it learns from product behaviors. This means that the value of Q will only increase with time. Item profiles are constantly updated by the system whenever new data is available allowing it to accurately predict how the product will act. Q also takes into consideration the knowledge of how a product acted in the past and how it is acting now. Q’s constant learning ability is unlike anything offered by other vendors.

Real demand visibility //

Q gives retailers visibility of the real demand in throughout their stores and channels now. By understanding lost sales, Q prevents user from missing opportunities so they can capitalize on every potential sales. Q does this by learning from how a product is moving right now so you don’t need a year’s worth of data to predict product performance. Q continuously tracks over 35 performance metrics, such as: average demand, average sales, seasonal affects, lifecycle patterns, shelf life, in stock and in transit, maximum sales per day, and average inventory by date to calculate potential consumer activity and demand.

Implemented at the pace of today’s retail //

Quantum Retail has created an implementation approach calls for a process that includes for phases of program activity: Discover, Define, Deliver and Deploy. Whether you are implementing a single module or the full application suite, all implementation phases are completed, regardless of project scope, in order to ensure program success and a sustainable Q solution for our clients. Quantum Retail implementations are proven to achieve and sustain significant return on investment, with customers achieving full program ROI within six months of deployment.

An award-winning solution for retail innovation  //

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Quantum Retail and the Q platform have won many awards. Q has been recognized as Supply Chain Solution of the Year and Supply Chain Excellence, and co-founder Vicki Raport was one of nine females selected nationally to participate in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women program designed to accelerate the growth of high-potential businesses founded by women entrepreneurs.


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