Automatically learn from seasonality, trends and merchandise behavior at the store, department and product level.


Executing on the vision of customer service and availability

Retail forecasting and order planningToday’s constantly changing retail climate has put a strain on existing forecasting and order planning processes. As if the effects of weather, promotions, price and time of day weren’t already difficult enough to establish item behavior, the market’s empowered consumers are now making product behavior nearly impossible to predict. In many cases, it causes the inventory investment required to increase because the new challenges and constraints cannot be managed by traditional systems. 

It’s time to reinvent the retail process //

A new approach to retail forecasting and order planning is necessary. One that understand the needs of the market at a lower level of granularity and one that learns and reacts to present buying trends and behaviors. As channels grow and consumers become more complex, planners and strategists require technology with the ability and intelligence to turn real-time data into actionable knowledge.

Consistently better retail forecasting, month after month //

Q: Forecasting and Order Planning helps retailers to continuously optimize inventory for every product at every location to achieve financial and merchandising goals. Q optimizes inventory planning through sophisticated algorithms to produce orders that accurately balance profitability and service levels.

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