Automated allocation & replenishment based on profitability, service levels and sales goals.


Flexible, automated, goal-based allocation and replenishment

It’s no longer acceptable for retailers to set and forget stores based on allocations created weeks, months or even years in advance. Retailers are compelled to adjust mid-stream to ensure a product is available when and where a customer wants it and in the right quantity. This requires making as many decisions as there are stores and SKUs every day to react to trends in the marketplace. While there my be a tool to drive and semi-automate replenishment, those systems do not adapt to the changes in retail environments or store performances. Instead, they put retailers further away from the action leading to lost sales and excessive markdowns that could have been avoided.

Q enables retailers to see exactly what is happening at the product and SKU level to get the most out of merchandise and stores. Lifecycle, seasonality, promotions and preferences are all reflected in order to achieve merchandise and financial goals.

Continuously monitor local demand to maximize full price sales //Retail inventory allocation

The goal of getting products in the right place to maximize full price sales sounds straightforward enough. Yet, because of the unpredictability of retail, there will always be guesswork. While pushing all product at once may seem like a calculated move, it immediately restricts a retailer’s options and leaves no room to make the most of full price sales. Thus, Q begins with a different approach: understanding product demand and how the product will sell through its entire life on a location- by-location basis.

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