The Q Approach

Q, A better way

Retail challenges and constraints

At Quantum, we understand that a strong methodology must still be adaptive to the unique operating and business characteristics of our customers. This is why we provide flexibility in our approach to accomodate the challenges and constraints that every retailer faces including the options of hosted or on-premise deployment, and implementation phasing strategies by the Q module, product, channel, brand, division and/or geographies. All strategies leverage the Q platform to provide a roadmap to grow and change with a client’s needs and to allow the client to pursue a broader solution suite to address future needs. Q is designed to ensure the ability to deploy mission critical solutions in a way that works for your business.

Delivering results and reducing risk //

Most software implementations take over a year to complete and disrupt a company’s people and processes. In today’s competitive market, retailers do not have the resources available to deal with these disruptions or the time to wait for results. Quantum’s software solutions are implemented in a fast and low risk methodology, by phasing integration, change management and value creation throughout the life of the deployment. Phased implementations help to reduce the risk associated with new software integration and align the companies’ business strategies with their customers.

Say goodbye to the 20th century – Meet Q: The next generation in retail.