Implementation Methodology

Q Implementation Methodology

Retail software ROISuccessful software implementations generate user adoption while delivering value quickly. Quantum Retail employs an implementation methodology that leverages the Q suite of products and live customer information to start delivering value and performance visibility early in the engagement. Quantum Retail implementations are proven to achieve and sustain significant return on investment.

The objective of the Q implementation methodology is to deliver the viability and value of the Q solution as quickly as possible via a clear and definitive process, reducing the risk of unnecessary customization or configuration. Guiding principles for Q implementation strategy include:

  • Maintains core package – The implementation process strives to support the client business with functionality that already exists within the Q core modules and platform.
  • Live systems deliver benefits – The goal is to get the Q system up and running as soon as possible, while minimizing risks to business stability. Phasing of the implementation allows for early use and benefit.
  • Measure, measure, measure – ROI measurement is critical to program success and is facilitated by the incorporation of a control and test environment into the deployment.
  • Ongoing business ownership – Every phase of the program is fully vetted by the Client Business Team to ensure that business transformation activities such as training and change management are fully developed well within the implementation timeline.

Discover, Define, Deliver, Deploy

The implementation approach calls for a process that includes four phases of program activity: Discover, Define, Deliver and Deploy. Whether you are implementing a single module or the full application suite, all implementation phases are completed, regardless of project scope, in order to ensure program success and a sustainable Q solution for our clients.

Discover //

All Q module implementations begin with the Discover phase of work. During discovery, the combined Quantum and client team will be guided through business and technical workshops designed to gain a thorough understanding of program requirements, client business environment, operational constraints and capabilities, and confirmation of client expectations. The purpose of this phase of activity is to understand business and technical requirements required to plan the deployment of Q and to ensure the business fit of the Q solution. In addition, the Q core solution is activated and client data validation activities begin.

Define //

The Define phase of work is performed in conjunction with Discovery, or as an immediately subsequent phase of activity. The Define phase is performed to complete solution deployment designs for application setup, integration, business processes, and to translate the program requirements into joined detailed project plans that address all aspects of the solution delivery.

Deliver //

In the Deliver phase we focus on the critical activities for business, IT and operational teams to complete application setup, installations, integration, testing, initialization, and pre-processing of client data. At the end of Deliver, the Q application running in pre-production with fully integrated client data. The client business and IT teams will be working with Quantum to validate solution input, output and application setup with production level data in preparation for go live.

Deploy //

The Deploy phase includes completion of all system and business testing in preparation of go-live, final end-to-end testing and deployment of production system, application initialization and cutover, solution tuning, training, go-live in production and provide associated support for the client selected roll out strategy.