Retail Technology White Papers

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Drapers: Use every channel to reach your customer

Consumers have had no problem in adapting to an omnichannel experience. Yet as retailers try to leverage every interaction for maximum profitability, even in the best cases, many are feeling ‘omni-challenged.’ This article explores how retailers can take advantage of every customer point of contact to build a closer relationship, including new enabling technologies, such as mobile and social.DOWNLOAD »

CIO Review: Most Promising Retail Tech Solution Providers

Customers expect retailers to optimize their experience at every touch point. Meeting these expectations will require retailers to effectively utilize current innovations and sciences enveloping the dynamic retail space. This article looks at technology that leverages consumer demand to help retailers get the maximum value from their inventory. DOWNLOAD »

Maximizing the Results of Your Existing Legacy Allocation System

The economics and competitive landscape of the modern retail marketplace have left retailers looking for ways to maximize their existing infrastructure to better support the emerging challenges they are facing today. This white paper addresses options for retailers who currently use packaged or custom-built legacy allocation systems, and explores methods that drive improved results in the form of increased sales, margin and reduced markdowns. DOWNLOAD »

Making Omnichannel Inventory Optimization Profitable

What’s always been true of inventory management – that it can make or break a retailer’s business model — is still true today, only the stakes are higher in the instant-gratification world of omnichannel retailing. This report explains how to create a 360-degree inventory optimization game plan built on a foundation of real-time accuracy and visibility, and use inventory management as a competitive weapon. DOWNLOAD »

Adapting to the New Retail Marketplace

Evolving consumer path to purchase patterns are creating a new set of challenges for retailers that their existing infrastructure may not support. This white paper examines options for addressing those challenges and details methods used by innovative retailers to leverage these opportunities. DOWNLOAD »

10 Steps to Finding Profit in Localized Replenishment

By Greg Wilson, VP of Field Strategy

Greg Wilson, VP of Field Strategy with Quantum Retail will walk you through 10 steps to help you address and solve the constraints and limitations with traditional replenishment approaches, what to consider when evaluating updated solutions and capabilities to help you become more profitable. DOWNLOAD »

This Retail Life: Changing the Game in Retail

Dan Brown of Mulberry Marketing in San Francisco talks with the CEO of Quantum Retail and others, about the current retail landscape, the future of retail technology, and what retailers need to do to manage inventory in today’s complex market. DOWNLOAD »

A Guide to Busting the Myths of Retail

There are many myths commonly held in retail that are based around the constraints of traditional solutions. This guide will bust the most detrimental assumptions that retailers have on the following topics in merchandising: forecasting, markdown optimization, BI, localization, and time to value. DOWNLOAD »

4 Strategies to Optimize Assortment Planning

Assortment planning is one of the first areas retailers should assess in order to increase profit and margin. Matt Garvis, Director of Company Strategy, will be taking you through the top four strategies to optimize assortment planning, including: SKU rationalization, clustering, forecasting and financial plans. DOWNLOAD »

A Guide to Creating a SKU Rationalization Strategy that Works

SKU rationalization may be a popular buzzword, but it is not something to be taken lightly. This guide will delve into examples of strategies that have worked, and some that haven’t. With a proper strategy, this process can be both beneficial for you as well as your customers. DOWNLOAD »

A 10-Step Guide to More Profitable Allocation

Greg Wilson, VP of Field Strategy at Quantum Retail will be taking you through 10 successful strategies that will help you locate profit, understand your customers and achieve efficient and strategic allocation execution. DOWNLOAD »

The Art of Localizing Inventory

This free white paper discusses retail best practices on inventory localization and customer-centricity. Learn strategies to align your inventory with today’s new consumer, how to better place your products and how to address the unique demand of each of your stores.  DOWNLOAD »

Off the shelf: Smart retail strategies for competitive grocers

As grocers seek new business tactics, they will find that two of the most profitable strategies for success lie in the balance of real-time demand forecasting and localized inventory. This white paper gives guidelines of how to develop a real-time response plan for shopper behavior. DOWNLOAD »

Assortment Planning: Adapting to the new retail market

Learn how to balance the complex challenges of assortment planning, SKU rationalization and localization. The current market is asking retailers some very difficult questions – questions that their existing processes and tools do not have the answer to. This White Paper outlines how retailers can overcome these challenges to stay competitive and pull ahead. DOWNLOAD »

Chasing Profits

Download this free whitepaper to learn how to manage the performance of every SKU, in every store to maximize profit. Find out how to increase demand visibility, move with the markets and unlock greater value in your supply chain. DOWNLOAD »

The importance of localized inventory management and planning

Download this free whitepaper to learn how to localize you inventory management and planning processes at a SKU/store level. Inventory is the biggest investment you make; you need to make sure that you are putting out the right products in the right places in order to reduce inventory and increase sales. DOWNLOAD »

Maximizing performance in the fast-moving world of fashion retail

Download this free white paper to learn strategies to help retailers maximize performance in fast fashion. Learn best-practice strategies to improving fulfillment, deal with operational constraints, overcome supply chain complexity and unlock your competitive advantage. DOWNLOAD »

Shareholders Vs Customers: Now is the time for a balanced equation

Download this free white paper to learn how top retailers are balancing the customer – shareholder equation to boost earnings, gain market share, rationalize inventory investments and optimize customer offers. DOWNLOAD »

Collapsing the deployment model to create unprecedented value for our customers

If you’ve been through a major systems implementation, you will know it can be a fraught process. As the years tick by and millions of dollars are swallowed up, it’s increasingly likely you’ll find yourself asking, “When will it work?” and even, “Will it work at all?” The problem with existing systems lies in their highly complex user interfaces and installation processes. Additionally, they require vast amounts of time and money to both set up and maintain, meaning only those retailers with a large pool of resources both human and capital can take advantage of such systems. We’ve changed that. DOWNLOAD »

The battlefield for customer loyalty just got greener

There is one area where retailers are set to battle harder than ever before: the environment. Amid the buzzwords of food miles and carbon footprints, retailers are already gathering to demonstrate their environmental credentials in order to keep existing customers and win new ones. Along with effectively communicating strong green credentials retailers need to be seen to be thinking and acting with the environment uppermost in their minds. That might be difficult enough for the small retailer to execute, but for a multiple outlet national brand with hundreds or thousands of stores, this is a hugely complex challenge – especially so, when you consider that customers are still looking for a distinctive offer at a competitive price when they walk into the store. DOWNLOAD »

Engineering Truly Adaptive and Dynamic Planning

Most retail forecasting, replenishment, allocation and inventory planning taking place today suffers from significant performance and scalability issues. With Q, Quantum Retail takes a completely different approach to solving the problems of scalability & performance that beset today’s systems. DOWNLOAD »

Managing Markdowns: Why prevention is better than the optimization cure

Markdown Optimization has become all the rage of retailers and retail technologists. What more can be done to minimize markdowns before the end of the product lifecycle? As product lifecycles become ever shorter, getting it right has never been more important in maintaining competitive advantage and profitability. Most of the technology being deployed today to optimize the productivity of inventory is designed to operate at the end of the product lifecycle and is focused on price. Of course the end of the lifecycle is the time to execute markdown strategies, but in fact the most effective and profitable strategy is one based on the whole of the product life and also focuses on inventory. DOWNLOAD »

Overcoming the complexity barrier

Technology today provides retailers with the tools to tackle the massive scale and complexity of their businesses. From supply chain management to pricing optimization, retailers have access to a wealth of point technology solutions. Thanks to these new tools retailers have seen impressive efficiency and profitability gains. Continuous refinement and development of technology means that retailing will continue to evolve, but is that progress going to be fast enough? Could it be that there is a better way about to emerge? Are today’s retailers ready to overcome the complexity barrier in order to enjoy the benefits of a new and better way? DOWNLOAD »

Effectively managing the evolving retail eco-system

Customer-facing processes are commanding the attention of retailers today. Retailers are looking for ways to better understand their customers and deliver the right products to the right channel at the right time and at the right price. Retailers are paying particular attention to leveraging data and new technologies to optimize demand side processes, attract and retain more customers, & drive future growth. DOWNLOAD »