A holistic platform for competitive retailers //

Q serves as a comprehensive demand platform for retailers. It calculates demand and selling behavior for each product, at every store individually, and does not dilute the sku/store demand signals through traditional averaging and aggregating techniques. Q dynamically creates unique SKU/store profiles, for topics including seasonality, day of week, time of day, life-cycle, etc., and manages against supply and demand side events and constraints. This enables Q to make the atomic level adjustments necessary to capture extra full prices sales while greatly reducing inventory investment.

Built with a configurable, user-friendly environment //

Q has been proven effective for virtually all retail sub-verticals, from fast-fashion to hard-lines to grocery. The system has configurable portals for different roles in the organization ranging from senior executives to merchandisers to store managers. Q also comes with optional portals for vendors and other suppliers, to give them more advanced views into future order plans.

With the intelligence to compete in today’s competitive landscape //

CONSUMER-DRIVEN: Q addresses the rapidly shifting patterns of today’s sophisticated consumer by translating demand insight into increased market share.

Q provides a competitive advantage by understanding the evolving nuances of localization, channels and retail formats.

Q allows retailers to continuously maintain pace with market shifts, competitive pressure and emerging threats to strategic goals.

PROFIT SEEKING: Q is proven to unlock unprecedented value for retailers contributing at least a 2% sales lift, 5% reduction in inventory and 2% margin contribution in only a few months.

Q helps retailers do more with less to scale their people, processes and systems, translating data into actionable knowledge and automatically aligning execution to strategic goals.

Implemented at the pace of today’s retail //

Quantum Retail has created The Agile Customer Experience (ACE)™ Implementation Methodology that speeds time to value, reduces implementation risk, minimizes product modifications, and ensures user acceptance. This innovative software implementation process begins delivering value and performance visibility in as little as 6-8 weeks of beginning an engagement. Quantum Retail implementations are proven to achieve and sustain significant return on investment, with customers achieving full program ROI within six months of deployment.

An award-winning solution for retail innovation //

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Q has won Supply Chain Solution of the Year, Supply Chain Excellence, and our CEO and founder, Vicki Raport, was one of nine female entrepreneurs selected nationally to participate in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women program designed to accelerate the growth of high-potential businesses founded by women entrepreneurs.


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