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Quantum Retail Technology, Inc. was founded by six retail and retail technology executives who had the confidence to believe they could solve the most complex inventory problems facing retailers through innovative thinking and modern technology. The result: an award-winning solution and unprecedented value provided to a list of growing tier one retailers.

A better mission //

In today’s unpredictable market, retailers face significant challenges as they try to address the increasing complexity of their business. Quantum Retail Technology understands their desire to achieve greater productivity and profitability from their inventory, their need to deliver on their customer brand promise in a volatile market, and their need to do it with an easy to use, intuitive solution that’s not disruptive to their existing people and processes.

Retail has changed //

At Quantum Retail, we offer the most innovative inventory management and optimization solutions for maximizing a retailer’s growth and profit. Our platform Q is the only solution on the market that turns predictive, actionable, and automated analytics into maximized top line sales and bottom line profit for every SKU in every store, format and channel.

Built from the ground up to be self-improving and easy to use, Q is driven by consumer and product behavior. By focusing on creating measurable and material value for retailers through item roles, goals, and strategies, retailers can accurately place every piece of inventory in their supply chain in order to most profitably fulfill consumer demand.

Q is also the only platform capable of supporting all types of retail including softlines and short life cycle fashion, basics and hardlines, and fresh food.  Q is hyper responsive and understands item potential only a few days after products hit the sales floor which allows Q users a competitive advantage to maximize full price sales and reduce markdowns and waste while better serving their customers.

A long term solution for retail success //

Quantum Retail solves the complex problems no one else can, permanently, and in a manner that accounts for today’s volatile and fast changing retail market. Quantum created the Q platform to continually adapt to a retailer’s emerging needs; it embraces changes based not only on retailers’ requirements but on how their customers are behaving in the marketplace. It eliminates the repetitive and redundant work often experienced by retailers by being exception-driven and presenting users with the areas that need the most attention. Q optimizes retail processes related to localized forecasting and advanced order planning, allocation and replenishment, and assortment and range planning all within one platform.

21st century intelligence //

Quantum Retail and its solutions have won many awards. We have been recognized for Supply Chain Solution of the Year, Supply Chain Excellence, and have been ranked as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America. Quantum is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN with a sister office in London, United Kingdom.

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